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Teen Party Ideas Made Simple

Do you have a teen birthday girl that is too old for a younger kids party? Stuck for birthday party ideas? Party ideas for teenagers are sometimes a lot harder to come up with than younger kids as teens are far more demanding. Teens also want to be able to plan their own birthday celebrations so you need to meet them half way in any decisions made.

Teenage parties are often thought of as all night drinking parties when the parents are away. But this is not actually the case. Sure, these do happen but these are not planned birthday parties. So it's time to wipe the bad image of teenage parties from your mind and discover how to plan the ultimate birthday party for your teen girl.

There are many teen themed parties such as:

  • Spa Party
  • Slumber Party
  • High School Graduation Party
  • BBQ Party
  • Pool Party
  • American Idol Party
  • Bowling Party
  • Luau Party
  • Fear Factor Party
  • American Idol Party
  • And, of course, the all important Sweet 16!

Too many to decide from? Picking a theme is all dependent on the age and likes of your teenager. Once you have a party idea you need to keep everything within that theme.

Start with setting a date and time of the party and agree a guest list with your teen. This may be the cause of an argument but be reasonable and dependent on the type of party agree on the guest numbers. A spa party would obviously require far less numbers than a BBQ party.

Invitations and decorations can either be bought or homemade to match the chosen party idea. For example, a teen spa party would involve pretty pink, relaxing invites. A relaxing pamper room with candles and plenty of pamper products would be all that you need for a great party.

Next up is food. What are you going to serve. Food for teens varies from buffet style meals to Chinese takeaways. Again, the type of food is dependent of the theme of the party. Dainty sandwiches, salad and bottled water for a spa party, takeaway for a slumber party and hot dogs and burgers for a BBQ party.

Teen party ideas don't just stop there, though. What about activities and favors?

Discos, pampering, trivia games and movies are all great activities. While CDs, make up, hair accessories, diaries, perfume and photo frames are great favors.

Just remember that when planning teen party ideas that (unless it's a surprise party) you involve your teen girl in the planning. As the last thing you want is a sulky teen on the big day!

Birthdays, graduations and holiday parties are all special occasions and hosting a party is an ideal way to celebrate. So from invitations to food, make sure you are never stuck for a fabulous and unique teen party idea again! Find loads of unique themes that are explained step by step so that you can throw your teen the ultimate party!