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Halloween Costumes - Top Six Tips for Selecting the Perfect One!

It might feel like we just ended Christmas and you might still be hungover from a raucous New Year's Eve celebration, but for the elves working hard at Plum Drama, it's never too early to start planning your Halloween costumes.

We just introduced this new category to our website a few months ago, but we are already seeing a great deal of interest from our web visitors in this category and with thousands of costumes to choose from, all in stock and ready to ship, we envision 2011 to be the year that costumes from Plum Drama really took hold. To that end, we put together this buyer's guide on tips to consider when selecting your Halloween costumes for 2011.

  1. Pick the right size. I can already see the no-duh meter hitting an all time high with this suggestion, but oftentimes the simplest ideas are the best. When it comes to deciding on your Halloween costumes for 2011, don't forget about fit. If you come up with the best, most original or entertaining idea, but it's not avaialable in your size, forget about it and move on. I've heard too many horror stories about kids who trip over their costumes all night long, or grown-ups who buy something so tight, they can't eat at the Halloween party they're attending. Don't be one of the many who report a nightmare story like this and make sure you order a size that actually fits. Believe me, the trade off between a Halloween costume that fits correctly and one that's just a great idea, but in totally the wrong size, always err toward the correct size.
  2. Determine if you'll be inside or outside. Again. Another basic one. But the type of Halloween costume you purchase for your child to go trick or treating on a cool, dark October evening is very different from the costume a grown-up might wear to an indoor party. For one thing, you want to make sure you don't freeze to death or overheat, based on what you choose to purchase. Secondly, a costume that's bulky and lot of accessories might just take up more space than is welcome at acrowded party. Similarly, these types of accessories become a big liability if the wind starts to blow more than you might have planned. All environmental things to consider when selecting your Halloween costumes for 2011.
  3. Determine how the costume will be used. What I mean by this tip is that it's important to consider whether your Halloween costume will be exposed to any harsh elements that might cause it to fall apart more than you might have predicted. If it's a kids costume being bought for one parade down the school hallway, this is a very different purpose than buying a costume for your child to run around the neighborhood for several hours. Make sure to bear in mind how delicate the costume can be when choosing Halloween costumes for 2011
  4. Buy high quality now so that a younger brother or sister can use the same costume later. In this day and age, you really can't be too tight with your money. Buying a Halloween costume is a luxury item for people who can afford it, so we recommend you try to stretch that dollar as far as possible by purchasing a costume that can be handed down the following year. Halloween costumes are a lot more durable and higher quality than they used to be. For that reason, they last longer than you might expect. No one wants to wear the same costume year after year, but there's nothing wrong with borrowing a costume from a friend or older sibling. When selecting Halloween costumes for 2011, bear in mind whether what you're purchasing can also be shared with someone else at a later date.
  5. Homemade is still a good option, but so is mix and matching. Back when I was a kid (which was a very long time ago!), most people went to their neighborhood fabric store on Oct 30, and two scissor cuts later, you were a ghost on Oct 31! Not so anymore. These days Halloween is much more elaborate than that. But we still think homemade is a great option, especially for those short on money, but long on imagination. If you're thinking about Halloween costumes for 2011, be sure to think about buying some things, but making others. Putting it together provides originality and cost savings!
  6. Halloween accessories can make or break a costume idea. Similar to the idea just before this one, a great way to dress up or embellish any costume is through the right accessories. Whether it's a sword for your Sir Lancelot costume, a wand for your Harry Potter, or a tiara for your Snow White. It's details like this that separate the truly original costumes from the ordinary ones and will create a Halloween costume you will remember well beyond 2011.

As you think about your Halloween costumes for 2011, there is one additional tip that will ensure a great Halloween experience: Order Early. Halloween costumes are usually made in limited quantities, so once they're gone...they're gone. So to make sure you get exactly what you want this year, follow these tips and get your order in before they're gone!