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Kids Party Menu Planning Tips

Having a kids party? Then you need to read these Kids Party Menu planning tips. Planning your kids party menu early saves you from the stress of last minute party planning. You can decide on your menu, write out your shopping list and get to the store well in advance of your party date.

There are, however, several things you must take into account when you do plan your menu.

1. How old are your guests?

You will serve a different party menu to younger kids than you will serve to older kids. If your party is for young kids, you can serve an easy kids party menu. Finger foods like chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese are popular dishes. Older kids are easy to feed. Pizza and submarine sandwiches are a tween and teen party menu staple. Remember to check with your guests, or their parents, about food allergies.

2. What time does your party begin?

Plan your party menu around the time of day. Will your party start at lunch time, mid-afternoon or dinner time? If your party start time coincides with a normal meal time...your guests will think you are planning a meal. If your party starts at 12 PM, be prepared to serve lunch. If your party begins at 2:30 PM, be prepared to serve snack foods and if your party begins at 5 PM, be prepared to serve a dinner menu.

3. Plan your menu around your party theme?

It's fun to name your party food around your theme. If it's a Pirate party you are your dip "Davy Jones Dip" or your punch "Pirate Grog" . Make labels for your foods. Let everyone in on the special treats you have so carefully named!

4. Parties usually start slowly.

But kids can get hungry very quickly! Your party can't proceed forward into "full swing" until all your guests have arrived. Be prepared to offer early guests a snack like chips or crackers and cheese when they arrive. You don't want a bunch of rumbling bellies to cause your little guests to get cranky at the beginning of the party!

5. Will adults be at your kids party?

If you have invited some of the kids parents to stay for the party, you might want to serve some food that is more appropriate for adult guests.

6. Where are you getting the birthday cake?

Are you ordering your birthday cake from a bakery? Make sure to put your order in well in advance of your party's date. Make arrangements to pick it up a few hours before your party's start time.

Are you making the birthday cake yourself? Prepare it the night before so it's all ready when you wake up on birthday party day! The less you have to complete on party day, the better!